this is literally one of the coolest gifts ever!
thanks Rachel :D


thought id post some still life photos for my photography course on here

just had another driving lesson tonight and I’m feeling a lot better about it.

Reversing round corners in the dark?

…Nailed it

I actually feel the best I have in so long, less stressed and a bit more motivated right now. i hope it lasts

Don’t want to speak too soon but i think I managed to delete the virus that some shitty download put on my laptop. 


My laptop has a virus or some shit. It freezes every 5 minutes or so and the internet wont work. I have resorted to using the downstairs computer which still uses vista and doesn’t have any programs i need installed so i cant do any photography, music or anything. To add to that, I left my memorystick at school last week which has all my schoolwork on that needs to be done when i go back. This really is shit :L

C’est la vie

boring personal post

today was probably the worst day i’ve had in a very long time. I managed to yet again lose something which i treasured and i have no clue what to do now. it’s my birthday on saturday and all my plans and supprises have gone out the window so i’ll probbably be sat at home on my own thinking of how much better it could be.

I dont know why i’m writing this, it’s not like it will make anything much better but it’s like i have to acknowledge something. maybe i should write a song.

sainsburys do the whole ‘old el paso’ range except the nachos, which are the only nice ones.

<New icon. needed a change

This is quite depressing, i have school in the morning. 

Where did the summer go? 

This is the first song i wrote and recorded after getting superior drummer
I hope you like it

That feeling when you thought you had no money then look in the dish of coins and find a hidden £30 :O 

I can now buy superior drummer 2.0 for recording 

Thank you holly for looking after my blog while i was away :D 

Check out her amazing blog now!!!


I’m freaking back!! 

I’ve missed quite abit it seems too. It could take a while to get used to it all again but i’m just so glad to be back. it has been a very long week.

I’ll post loads of photos from my trip when I get them developed :D